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At Engraving Made Beautiful, we are driven by a mission to bring quality glassware products to you with exceptional engraved arts for any ocasion. Our dedication to hard work, allows us to successfully deliver quality products day in day out. We believe that conducting our business with integrity, transparency, and responsibility is advantageous for all our customers. We aren’t satisfied by simply being recognized just as a leader in our field.


Pure, Clean Crystal

Over the past four decades, wine and spirits glass design has experienced a renaissance. Recently, scientists discovered the dangers of lead crystal, most significantly when storing wine and spirits for an extended period in decanters, allowing lead to leach into the contents. Originally, lead oxide was added to glassware as a manufacturing aid. Now, technology has progressed to the point where the addition of lead delivers little or no value to the wine enthusiast’s experience. Despite increasingly stronger industry warnings, several of the world’s top stemware manufacturers continue to use lead in production. 

The public now understands that lead-free crystal is the future of the glass industry. Engraving Made Beautiful is leading engraving company of handmade, pure, clean, lead-free crystal for fine wine and spirits. Our century-old European manufacturer has been producing lead-free crystal for the most exclusive brands of the world. 


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